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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Do I need to own or buy a guitar to be a student?
Answer: If you don't have an acoustic guitar we will provide one. If you own an acoustic guitar that's great. You can use your own guitar. No electric guitars in our beginner class.

Question: I would like to organize a class. Do I have to know how to play guitar to organize a guitar class in my community?
Answer: No. If you have the ability to organize and delegate you can do it. GNG will supply guitars and lesson books and tell you how to find teachers and classrooms.

Question: Can I work alone?
Answer: No our program requires a team of three people for each class.

Question: Is it hard to start a chapter?
Answer: We make it easy for you. We provide you with all the information you need.

Question: How many children in a class.
Answer: Around 10 students - It may vary from 8 to 12.

Question: Can I teach alone.
Answer: No. There must be a minimum of two or more to hold a class. If there is only one teacher available the class is to be canceled for that day. This is for insurance purposes, teachers' protection and protects GNG legally.

Question: Where can I find classrooms locations for my students?
Answer: Community Centers, Boy's and Girls Clubs and many other rooms are available..

Question: Can I have classes in my church.
Answer: State law forbids foster kids from having to go to a church not of their faith. So we try to accommodate all children by being in a neutral location.

Question: Does this mean a church can not offer a classroom?
Answer: If the parents, teachers and students all agree that it's OK then lessons can be taught in a classroom provided by a church.

Question: How young can a student be? How old can a student be?
Answer: Eight to Eighteen.

Question: Do all volunteer teachers have to pass a background check?
Answer: Yes. Teachers must pass a background check. This is a legal and insurance issue. GNG provides the form and processing at a minimal cost to the teacher.

Question: Are you an anti-gun organization?
Answer: No. We are against gun violence in schools and on the streets and offer an alternative.