Police Outreach Using Our Program

 A new way for the Police Department to reach out to the youth in their community. (Music). Yes, the Newnan, GA Police Department is now using the Guitars not Guns Music Program as a way to help underprivileged youth cope with their anger and restlessness. How many other police departments in our country could use our program?…

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Philadelphia Chapter is Rockin’ and Rollin’

The Philadelphia chapter of the Guitars not Guns Music Program, led by President Zeve Cohen, is having a great year and recently began new classes for the beginning of the new school year. We are so proud of Zeve and the rest of the Philadelphia chapter board, Mike Fioriglio and Ilan Cohen, for the great…

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Bullets Kill, Music Heals

According to the National Vital Statistics Reports released this year by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 33,000 Americans were killed by guns in 2013. This includes more than 21,000 suicides and more than 11,000 murders. In fact, gun violence was the leading cause of all injury-related death in 2013, accounting…

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InHouseUSA Makes Large Donation of Guitars to CA Chapters

We are excited to announce the generous donation of 95 Fender acoustic guitars that will be split between seven chapters in California! This donation was given to our program by InHouseUSA. InHouseUSA is a technology company that supports mortgage lenders in managing quality outsourced commercial and residential real estate appraisals. They believe in the next…

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Summerlyn Powers

A Star on the Rise Summerlyn Powers is a native of Fairhope, Alabama, and at 14 years old is a rising country music star. Summerlyn recently heard that the Foley, AL, chapter of the Guitars not Guns Music program was in need of volunteer guitar instructors at the Snook Youth Center, so she jumped at…

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Oregon’s First Graduating Class!

Congratulations Oregon! The first graduating class of the Guitars not Guns Music Program in the State of Oregon graduated nine students on August 24, 2015, at the Neighbors for Kids Facility on the Central Coast, Lincoln County. The eight week beginner and intermediate classes were taught by Richard Salazar, founder and president of the Oregon…

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The Guitar Saved My Son

Every so often people will tell us their stories via our website. It’s their way of saying, “Hey, I like what you’re doing. Let me tell you a story about why I think what you do is so important.” We love hearing these stories. Sometimes the stories are sad, sometimes they’re uplifting, but they’re always…

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The Maryland chapter of GNG is dedicated to the memory of Allen J Whitt whose life was tragically cut short by gun violence.

Maryland Chapter Honors Fallen Son

On January 1st, 2014, Allen J Whitt Jr.’s life was cut tragically short when when he was killed by a single gunshot. The perpetrator was a young man who chose theft and violence as a way of life. Allen had a gift and passion for music and the guitar and so it seemed only fitting…

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dweezil zappa on chopped to support guitars not guns.

Dweezil Makes Guitars not Guns Proud!

On Tuesday August 18th, Dweezil Zappa appeared on Food Network’s “Chopped” in an attempt to win $10,000 for our charity, the Guitars not Guns Music Program. Dweezil sailed through the appetizer and entre rounds to face Foreigner’s Kelly Hansen in the dessert round. Unfortunately, Dweezil was just edged out by Kelly’s dessert. No worries, Dweezil!…

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Making Music in Oregon

Oregon USA’s First Guitars not Guns Chapter Began in June of 2015 on the Central Coast of Oregon. Partnering with Neighbors for Kids in Depoe Bay,Oregon, the under served community is embracing the charity music program started by veteran teacher and founder Richard Salazar. “We are looking to reach new volunteers in Oregon who want…

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